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IsarWave PR is a full service agency in the tech field with a special focus on cybersecurity, electronics, artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT. IsarWave PR is known for its expertise in this branch of industry, its international network and its close collaboration with the CISO, security and AI communities.

We keep our eye on you!

Our partners not only get a reliable, success-oriented PR service that makes positive waves: they also get more than 21 years of PR expertise to connect them with partners, media, influencers, bloggers and potential customers. We roll up our sleeves for you and do whatever it takes to make you successful!

We build world-renowned brands by producing the best content for them – content that's original, intelligent, creative and always adds value. IsarWave PR brings its partners to the top with unusual PR ideas – supported by creative lead and marketing campaigns.

You will be amazed at what we achieve for you

Together with you, we develop content and stories for your company and your solutions. We are the tech experts behind many stories in the media, e.g. TV, radio and magazines. We keep our finger on the pulse and monitor the media to make sure you never miss an opportunity.

With us, you meet the important influencers, editors and bloggers.

The heart of IsarWave PR beats firmly at our headquarters in Munich. Our well-established contacts extend throughout Austria and Switzerland. And our longstanding on-site partners cover other European and international regions. We often also serve as the European lead agency.


Public relations

The right PR campaign can increase search engine optimization (SEO), drive traffic to your website and raise global awareness.

IsarWave PR consists of a team of PR professionals who know how to write copy that works – whether it’s on technical, business or consumer topics.

The basis of our work for you is public relations and writing press releases and relevant articles that leave a lasting impression on your target audiences. Purchasing decisions are made from the gut and from the head, so it’s important that your messages speak to both levels. We succeed in this with accurately targeted PR campaigns.

We know how to tell your story and how to build strong relationships with the media so we can schedule interviews for you and place articles that set you apart from your competitors.

Digitale services

To really win on social media, you need to make a precision landing. Your messages should be clever, different and varied.

Talk to us at IsarWave PR. Together we’ll make you the technology leaders – the ones that customers, press and stakeholders turn to for insights, perspectives and opinions on the latest topics.

We start our digital outreach with a social media audit to give you an overview of how you compare to your competitors on social media. In the next step, we recommend measures for your ideal online presence on all social platforms. We fill these with appealing content that’s relevant to your target group, e.g. blogs, videos or podcasts.


IsarWave PR helps you to ensure that your marketing investments achieve the desired results.

We make sure that your local EMEA salespeople have the marketing tools, knowledge and support they need to achieve their revenue goals.

Our marketing services include

  • Marketing strategy and budget planning
  • Event management, creation, design and messaging
  • Marketing material
  • Programs to generate leads, both online and in print
  • Technology roundtables, influencer panels
  • Campaign management and presence at trade shows
  • Customized development of events
Lead generation

Do you need leads? We help you get qualified leads! That’s why we notify you about the latest projects that companies are involved in. IsarWave PR works with a number of successfully proven demand-generation measures. These range from LinkedIn campaigns to whitepaper downloads and webinars. We also work with other innovative media campaigns, which we offer in collaboration with renowned publishing houses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


We have lots of fun bringing people together! Virtually and in person. At the networking events that we organize, e.g. during it-sa or at channel or influencer meetings in the tech and cybersecurity sector.

We have event know-how – and we tell you which events make sense for you! IsarWave PR organizes industry meetings, including important CSO and CISO conferences. We are experts in bringing target groups together – and you reap the benefits.


We create content. We develop cross-media strategies and concepts that lead to addressing your target group with the right stories and content. We develop the content and distribute it on the various channels. Without relevant content, even the most innovative campaign won’t bear fruit. To make sure this doesn’t happen, we provide you with everything that makes a good story: informative, advisory and entertaining content!

IsarWave PR works for a wide range of partners in the tech and cybersecurity sectors.

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